Sunday, May 8, 2011

Treasures from my first Garage Sale of the year.

My friend C and I were driving into town to see the new art show at our local gallery and she says, "there's a garage sale on today (Friday), do you want to check it out?" As if she really had to ask. lol 

Well, we arrive at the garage sale and she stops to ogle a two burner wood cookstove while I scanned the place and went directly to the most promising section. She says she's not going to take me with her to garage sales anymore, because I find the good stuff too fast. I told her she has to sharpen her eyes up a bit.  Here's what I found.

A ginger jar and a matching small dish for $15.00.

And a brass peacock fire screen and fireplace tool set for $20.

I've been looking for the peacock fire screen for quite a few years now. I've been wanting one for over 15 years. And I've been sort of keeping my eyes open for a ginger jar for a few months. I can't tell you how excited I was!  I think they go very well with the fireplace.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The next wave of flowers

An update on my garden. The next flowers to bloom are the "Glory of the Snow", the "Siberian Squill" and the "Striped Squill" have also started to open.

I have a few clumps of these, including one pink group. (Which for some reason I didn't take a pictures of, what was I thinking.) I love these cheerful little flowers that fill the gap between the crocus and the daffodils.

These pictures were taken a couple of days ago. Today it's a much different world.
The wind howled, the snow fell and everything froze. 

I hope the buds and flowers haven't frozen off. I'll keep you posted. Goodnight from the frozen north.