Saturday, July 9, 2011

Elegy for an antique store

I'm saddened to announce the demise of our antique store. It, and all the wonderful stuff inside, burned to the ground. We are left in this area with one seasonal antique store, which is only open for about three months of the year and an antique store which is in the process of closing down. Thankfully there is still Ebay.

I know my comrades in blogland will understand the sorrow I am feeling. I think I need to seek some garage sale therapy today.

Friday, July 8, 2011


In this post I would like to admit to my illness. Dish-itis, a permanent addiction to all things china, glass and silver. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but my husband also suffers from this disorder. We had both vowed, "No more sets of dishes". And what have we done recently? Bought more dishes. But! They were such a good deal! And so pretty, different from what we already own! Sound familiar?

The first dishes we picked up were: a partial set of Copeland Spode "Felicity".

With this set we also picked up a partial set of Kensington "Shakespeares Sonnets".

So far, not too bad. Both sets were only four place settings each with some extras. Then the next week there was a complete set of six place settings for $10. We resisted at the first trip to this garage sale, but when we had to take back a bookshelf stereo that was guaranteed to work (but didn't) we finally succumbed and bought it. When we got home with it I mentioned that I had seen the same pattern at a flea market a month previous. It didn't take much encouragement from hubby to send me to the phone to find out if the people had sold their set yet. (One of those times when it's good to be in a small area) They hadn't, and were very happy to sell us their set the very next day. We now have a complete set of 14 with lots of serving pieces. The only thing missing was a creamer, which I've purchased on Ebay and soup bowls. Here's our new set of dishes.

The pattern is "Diane" Fine Porcelain China Japan. One seller on Ebay says the company name is Wade, but I don't know where they got their information from. The only other thing on the bottom is a W inside a crown. It's a nice in between set. More formal than our every day English ironstone and not as formal as our English bone china.  The silver is 1847 Rogers "Remembrance".

I know there are many of you in blogland that have this same addiction and I will also admit that I have no desire of being cured. :)