Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our "new" candelabras

Well, I'm going to try another post. The last one was very frustrating. While I was trying to write meaningful text I wiped out half the pictures. So in the end the text was sparse (due to frustration) and the pictures were few (due to stupidity). This time I'll try a different approach, I'm going to briefly state what the pictures are all about and then upload the pictures.

The inspiration for this set of pictures is the arrival of our "new" 1847 Rogers Heritage candelabras and a couple place settings of our Royal Doulton china Vanborough. I'm sorry that the centrepiece is a bit lacking. I didn't pick up any flowers and there certainly isn't any outside at the moment. I do look forward to spring and summer. I plan to cut flowers and take lots of pictures this year.

I've tried to capture the sparkle of the gold when the light hits it just right.
The poor centrepiece with no flowers in it.
I love the shadows of the crystal stemware on the white linen tablecloth.
Northumbria sterling "Cello"
I took advantage of the fact that one of the candelabra's was removed from the table for a bit of polishing.
International "Wild Rose" salt and pepper
 Well, I've managed so far not to erase anything by mistake. But I'm going to quit while I'm ahead.
Afternoon Tea


Dining Delight said...

AT, how did I miss that you started a blog!! I am so happy that you did! Your pictures on Flickr were certainly blog worthy and though it is a process of trial and error at first, blogging is really fun. I find even if no one comments, I love having a place where all my tablesettings are recorded and I can look at them whenever I want!
I really love this elegant tablescape! Those dishes are gorgeous and the candelabras are tremendous! They add such an air of sophistication. I would love to "dress for dinner" and dine at this fabulous table!
You should link this up to Tablescape Thursdays at Between Naps on the Porch so everyone can see it. (just follow the steps to link up, its pretty easy!)
I'm going back to look at your earlier posts now! Yeah, of course, I'm a follower!

afternoon tea said...

Thank you DD! I didn't tell anyone I was starting this because I was nervous. I'm probably my own worst critic.

I will try to link this up. If I don't figure it out today, I'll try again next week.

Marlis said...

I'm so glad you dropped in. I found your blog that way! And am now your latest follower. Welcome to the crazy blog world. Your pictures are really nice. I totally love your china and the candlelabra!!! absolutely stunning pieces. Thanks for dropping by with your very kind comments.

afternoon tea said...

Thank you for the welcome Marlis. I know you'll be hearing more from me on your blog.

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

How beautiful! Love your tablescape! And do not apologize for that lovely footed or not! Gorgeous! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

afternoon tea said...

Thank you Debbie.

Martha said...

I am so impressed. Loved your china and your table setting (even sans flowers). And, of course, your new candelabra! Beautiful. Thank you for visiting Linderhof -- I'm adding yoour blog to my sidebar as a "Friend of Linderhof" --

afternoon tea said...

Thank you Martha.

LadyV said...

So beautiful! You certainly captured the sparkle of the gold. The candelabras are fabulous!

I'm a new follower.

Entertaining Women said...

Absolutely gorgeous china. Your tablescape is beautiful. Welcome to blogworld. It took me a few tries to get a hold on the whole download/upload process. You'll have it down pat before you know it. Thank you for sharing your lovely design. Cherry Kay

Abramyan Avenue said...

Gorgeous!! It's beautiful! I too hard trouble uploading pictures and getting them to stay when I first started blogging. In fact, I almost quit blogging because I was getting so frustrated!! I finally learned to upload the last ones first and make my way up.
Anyway, you have created an elegant tablescape...very, very beautiful!

Dining Delight said...

AT, so glad to see you posted this at BNOTP for Tablescape Thursday! Lovely to see this gorgeous 'scape again!


Tricia said...

LOL! I feel your pain and frustration with getting blog posts to behave! I don't know how daily bloggers find the time. But, your table looks lovely! Your china is SO pretty and elegant, and the silver pieces add so much drama. May your flowers bloom soon!

Luncheons at the Junction said...

Welcome! You are certainly off to a beautiful start. This is a classic, elegant setting worthy of high tea! Looking forward to seeing more of your designs.

Tess said...

Gorgeous table...your china is so beautiful and all of your silver is gorgeous (love silver pieces!!). Spring will bring you flowers (we are still winter-y here as well), but in the meantime, silver as a centerpiece works for me!!!

David Wilson said...

Love these images.