Saturday, February 19, 2011

My second photo taking session

The next weekend I decided to turn my solo tea into a photo shoot. It wasn't as elegant as the last effort, but I learned a few things.
First, tea looks better in photos before the cream is added.
Second, it's best to not use the cup of tea you're going to drink because it's going to get cold.
Third, iron the napkin.
There are probably more things, but I guess I'll have to repeat the mistake to learn it. :)

When my friend J saw these pictures she told me off for doing this to a book. I assured her that it was very gently done, but I promised not to do it again. I'll maybe place the closed book beside the tea.

The china I used for this photo session is Royal Albert "Lavender Rose".

The next blog is going to feature my "new" cake stand.

Afternoon Tea


Dining Delight said...

What fun to see all your china patterns in "use"! I really like this Lavender Rose one and don't think I've seen it before. I really like how your pics look like you really are having tea while you read a book (putting the book like that or even right open with a pair of glasses on it makes it look "real" no matter what "J" says! LOL!) I like how you are "truthful" in your narration too!


afternoon tea said...

Thanks DD.