Thursday, February 17, 2011

Starting my blog

I've been following Dining Delight and JCann on Flickr for a while now, slowly discovering more people with an interest in setting a beautiful table. I finally decided to join in the fun and signed up with Flickr. Next I had to start taking pictures to post. So, one weekend I set a nice tea tray and tried to take artistic photos

I wouldn't normally have candles burning for tea, but I thought they would look good.
. The china I used is Royal Doulton "Vanborough", the teapot is 1847 Rogers "Heritage"
After I was signed up with Flickr I was able to communicate instead of just look. Dining Delight directed me to her blog and from there the world opened up. So many people who like to set a nice table and collect beautiful dishes! I don't know how far I'll get with my blog, but I hope if anyone gets to read it they will get even a fraction of the pleasure I've had reading everyone else's.

Afternoon Tea


Dining Delight said...

I am so happy to see this fabulous tea-scape as your first post! It is meaningful to me, having viewed it and "met" you first on Flickr! The way you laid this out and your pics of it are both terrific and make the scene very inviting. I am honoured that you mentioned me as giving you inspiration to start a blog! You are well on your way! As you get used to it and you link up to other blogs who host weekly "parties", you'll no doubt, get more followers and comments! Welcome Aboard!


afternoon tea said...

Thanks again, DD. You were the person who lured me into blogland. After spending so much time watching your pictures it's a real pleasure to be actually "talking" to you.

Deanna said...


David Wilson said...

Fantastic blog!